Noninvasive technologies for assessing cognitive processes, diagnosing brain impairments and brain-machine interfacing are a key component of neurotechnology. The development of novel noninvasive biomarkers is a key diagnosis technology for dementia and other brain disorders; similarly, noninvasive techniques for brain stimulation using transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) offer the possibility of advances in treatment for brain disorders, but needs substantial research in order to understand the neurobiological basis of their effects.

This facility comprises a number of noninvasive recording (EEG, EMG, fNIRS) and stimulation (TES) technologies, which complement existing resources at Imperial College (fMRI, DTI, TMS). The Facility is distributed between South Kensington and Hammersmith campuses, with support and training capacity shared across user groups.

All items are open for use by any member of the Centre for Neurotechnology; to enquire about using an item, please get in touch with the contact listed on the relevant page.

Noninvasive Human Brain Signal Recording and Stimulation Facilities



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