Independent research fellowships

Please find below a list of funders and fellowship schemes considered to be Indipendent Research Fellowships.

Those asterisked support the transition to independence. Applicants should demonstrate readiness to become independent and the award enables them to become so. It could be argued those at the start of an award are not 'independent' yet, but those well in the award may be.

Independent research fellowships


  • AHRC Leadership Fellowships – Early Career Researchers
  • AHRC Leadership Fellowships


  • BBSRC David Phillips Fellowships
  • BBSRC Future Leader Fellowships (from 2018 known as BBSRC Discovery Fellowships)

British Academy

  • BA/Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowships
  • British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Mid-Career Fellowships
  • Newton Advanced Fellowships
  • Newton International Fellowships
  • Wolfson Research Professorships

British Heart Foundation

  • Career Re-entry Research Fellowships
  • Clinical Research Leave Fellowships
  • BHF-Fulbright Commission Scholar Awards
  • Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowships
  • Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships
  • Senior Basic Science Research Fellowships
  • Senior Clinical Research Fellowships
  • Springboard Award for Biomedical Researchers
  • Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers

Cancer Research UK

  • Advanced Clinician Scientist Fellowship
  • Career Development Fellowship
  • Career Establishment Award
  • Senior Cancer Research Fellowship


  • EPSRC Early Career Fellowship
  • EPSRC Established Career Fellowship
  • EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship*


  • ESRC Future Cities Catapult Fellowship
  • ESRC Future Leaders Grant
  • ESRC/Turing Fellowships


  • Early Career Researcher Innovation Fellowships

European Research Council

  • ERC Advanced Grants
  • ERC Consolidator Grants
  • ERC Starting Grants

Health Education England

  • ICA Clinical Lectureship
  • ICA Senior Clinical Lectureship

Imperial College London

  • Imperial College Research Fellowship (ICRF)
  • Chapman Fellowship
  • Safra UK DRI Fellowships

Leverhulme Trust

  • Early Career Fellowship
  • Research Fellowship
  • Emeritus Fellowship
  • Major Research Fellowship
  • International Academic Fellowship


  • MRC Career Development Awards*
  • MRC New Investigator Research Grants (Non-Clinical)*
  • MRC New Investigator Research Grants (Clinical)*
  • MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowships*
  • Senior Non-Clinical Fellowships
  • Senior Clinical Fellowships


  • David Sainsbury Fellowship
  • Training fellowship


  • Independent Research Fellowships


  • Industrial Innovation Fellowships
  • Industrial Mobility Fellowships


  • Advanced Fellowship
  • Career Development Fellowship
  • Clinical Lectureships
  • Clinical Trials Fellowship
  • Clinician Scientist
  • Development and Skills Enhancement Award
  • Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • Research Professorship
  • School for Primary Care Post-Doctoral Fellowships
  • Senior Research Fellowship

Royal Academy of Engineering

  • RAEng Engineering for Development Research Fellowship
  • Industrial Fellowships
  • RAEng Research Fellowship
  • RAEng Senior Research Fellowship
  • UK Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Royal Society

  • Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship*
  • JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Newton Advanced Fellowship
  • Royal Society/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship
  • University Research Fellowship*

Royal Society and Wellcome

  • Sir Henry Dale Fellowship*

Royal Society of Edinburgh

  • RSE Arts & Humanities Awards (for permanent staff)
  • RSE Personal Research Fellowship
  • RSE Sabbatical Research Grants (for permanent staff)


  • CERN Fellowships
  • Ernest Rutherford Fellowship
  • ESA Fellowships
  • Innovations Partnership Scheme Fellowships
  • Returner Fellowships
  • RSE/STFC Enterprise Fellowships
  • Rutherford International Fellowship Programme

Sêr Cymru

  • Research Chairs
  • Rising Stars
  • Recapturing Talent*
  • Research fellowships for 3 - 5 year postdocs


  • UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships
  • UKRI Innovation Fellowships

Wellcome Trust

  • Intermediate Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine
  • Principal Research Fellowships
  • Research Award for Health Professionals
  • Research Career Development Fellowship
  • Research Fellowship in Humanities and Social
  • Senior Research Fellowship