Professor Abdus Salam (1926-1996), Nobel Prize in Physics 1979
Professor Abdus Salam (1926-1996), Nobel Prize in Physics 1979


The Academic Leadership Development Programme is more than simply a knowledge exchange.

The programme is framed within an experiential peer-support development environment, emphasising the specific challenges of academic leadership within a world-leading STEM institution.

Who can participate?

The programme is open to academics (Professors, Readers, and Senior Lecturers) from across Imperial who aspire to be Institutional, Departmental and Research leaders – and provides delegates with access to senior academic leaders (including The Provost, Deans, Associate Deans, HODs (Head of Department) etc.) within all Imperial College’s STEM Faculties.

Programme content

Invited Imperial College senior academic leaders share with delegates their experiences of the academic leadership development journey - ‘ the good, the bad and the ugly’;

The programme also provides delegates with access to external speakers (beyond STEM academia) with expertise in issues which impact  STEM academic life e.g., Neurodivergence in Academia; Academic Freedom & the Social/Political Impacts upon the STEM Academy; Engaging in Difficult Conversations in STEM academic encounters; and Leading & Sustaining Change within STEM departments and Faculties.

This programme also enables key representation of the experiences of Women Academics, Men and Women Academics of Colour. It aids discussion of the wider challenges for securing an Inclusive STEM academic pathway.

How this programme is unique

The unique aspect of this programme is its integrated pedagogy; the academic delegates share their experiences and self-reflections, whilst the relationship dynamics formed during the group and conversational processes; create learning encounters beyond traditional instructional approaches, enabling a transformative academic leadership development experience.

Nominations to the programme

 The Deans of the 3 STEM Faculties issue an invitation to Heads of Department to submit their nominations to the programme. Academics who would like to attend the Academic Leadership Development Programme are invited to approach their Heads of Department to register interest. Check these web pages continuously for published dates, posted approximately 3 months before the programme delivery.