Line management of people has a significant impact on overall experience and performance at work.
This Continued Management Development provision supports your role as a people manager at Imperial and what it means to be a good people manager. This section will act as an add-on to your local induction programme.
It provides you with continued opportunities to develop as a manager, including topics like Unconscious Bias, Imperial Essentials, and how to manage for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in every aspect of the employee life cycle.  
This section also includes other wider development such as the IMPACT mentoring programme, the Postdocs & Fellows Development Centre, and the Calibre Leadership programme.  
We would also like to highlight the Micro Development sessions for managers, which is your dedicated time to speak to a trained advisor about a specific area where you would like support.

Other Development Options


An apprenticeship is an opportunity to grow your talent pipeline by employing staff who develop their skills on-the-job whilst following an approved learning programme.

Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre (PFDC)

the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre (PFDC) provides a bespoke programme of development opportunities that focus on multiple pathways for success.