Who should attend

This session is for all staff.


Assertive behaviour is a core skill, helping teams function well and ensuring they are efficient and effective: whilst differences of opinion are healthy, angry disagreements are not.  
It is beneficial if all members of the same team have completed training which enables them to recognise this. 
This half-day course aims to help participants identify the differences between assertive, aggressive, and passive behaviours and practise modifying their behaviour in different scenarios.


  • Participants can recognise the differences between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours.
  • Participants understand how to modify behaviours
  • Participants have the opportunity to practise new behaviours
  • Participants gain skills in de-fusing difficult situations

Key Areas

  • Definitions
  • Identifying your default approach  
  • Recognising and dealing with aggression in others, including body language and tone of voice
  • Practising new behaviours
  • Dealing with difficult situations 

Accessibility: Please indicate any requirements you may have in the "Special Instructions" box on ICIS.