Information and Booking

Bookings for this Fire Warden e-learning module must be made by Fire Warden Coordinators based on risk assessment. (Please do this via the blue booking button displayed below)

Fire Wardens must be a staff member and cannot have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in place.

Booking via Training Centre

Bookings for Fire Warden e-learning must be made by Fire Warden Coordinators based on risk assessment. 


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) requires the College “to nominate a sufficient number of competent persons to implement procedures in so far as they relate to the evacuation of relevant persons from the premises.”
Departments are required to nominate staff to fulfil these roles and demonstrate the competency of Fire Wardens by completing the required e-learning.

The fire warden must complete a final assessment, and the results will be sent to both the Fire Warden and the Fire Coordinator.
At the end of the course, you will be asked to take an online assessment. The pass score is 80% (you will be granted multiple attempts).

Fire Wardens must complete this assessment successfully to validate their training.

Key Areas

  • Managing crowds and tone of voice
  • Evacuation Strategy at Imperial – Fire Action
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)
  • Making Building Safer – Manual Call Points and Fire Doors
  • Emergency numbers at Imperial
  • Resources and Assessment

Further information

  • Fire Wardens need to effectively organise an evacuation from the building if there is a fire.
  • They must be able to search their area and reach a point of safety in two and a half minutes after a fire alarm has been activated. It should take one minute for all occupants to be evacuated and reach an exit route or protected staircase.
  • There must be enough fire wardens in a workplace based on risk assessment to accomplish these goals easily.
  • If, at any point, the Fire Warden believes that they are at risk of harm or death, they should act as everyone else and evacuate the building. Remember, never put yourself in danger.