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Trainer: Mathew Critchlow - Managing Director of Kirros Consulting
Cost: Internal, no charge. Please check our cancellation fees before booking.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Format: Online/In Person (See details below)

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Resilience can be defined as "the process of managing and adapting positively to significant sources of stress; it is bouncing back from adversity and growing as a person, even after difficult or traumatic experiences".

Evidence shows that resilience is not a fixed characteristic, like personality. It's something you can learn and strengthen over time. This course explains some underlying theories behind stress and resilience, including the Six Elements of Resilience model, the negativity bias and cognitive restructuring.

Topics covered include simple planning and problem-solving techniques and ways to manage emotions by gaining the correct emotional support, practising the art of positive reframing, and applying the Frame Game and the Three Blessings exercises.

Homework exercises are designed to boost positive beliefs, including optimism and personal control, representing resilience's foundations.
This course is based on positive psychology, health psychology and the work of Stephen R Covey.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to manage high demands, rapid change, and thrive in the workplace.


  • Describe the Six Elements of Resilience model
  • Explain the difference between positive emotional support and venting
  • Apply simple techniques for planning and problem-solving during high-pressure
  • Manage stressful thoughts and build a positive mindset with positive reframing, the Frame Game and Three Blessings exercises.
  • Apply personal reflective techniques to boost optimism and control, including the Best Possible Self exercise.

We suggest some reading and resources around resilience that can support your ongoing development.

Coaching and mentoring can also provide a one-to-one confidential space to focus on work-specific challenges, and our Health and Wellbeing pages offer some additional support.

Accessibility: Please indicate any requirements you may have in the "Special Instructions" box on ICIS.



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