Feedback from participants

"The PA/Admin Buddy scheme is the next best thing to sliced bread! I found the opportunity to informally meet, share and discuss what it is like working with Imperial College very helpful. It’s an anchoring starting point for anyone new to the organisation” - Felicia Frost, School of Public Health

"My feedback from the Buddy scheme is only positive. My buddy is very kind and helped me a lot. It is very good to have somebody in the beginning who I could talk to and who is willing to answer my questions and give me more information in addition."
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Who is eligible?

The PA & Administrator Network Buddy Scheme is available for all staff who are new to PA and Administrative type roles.

What is it?

The Buddy Scheme is a voluntary and informal partnership. It offers a point of contact, a ‘friendly face’ for New Starters, and creates links with staff that share similar responsibilities. It is not designed to replace induction, or job-related support and training.

What can you expect from your Buddy?

  • Your Buddy will make the initial contact
  • They will be available for reasonably short, work-related, informal support
  • Your Buddy will be available, via the scheme, for up to three months

What is expected from New Starters wishing to take part?

  • Responsibility for keeping in touch with their Buddy
  • Recognition that your Buddy is undertaking a voluntary role on top of their ‘day job’
  • The amount of contact between meetings should be reasonable and within normal office hours

How does the matching process work?

The Buddy Scheme Operations Group will match New Starters to a Buddy based on availability, location, and information provided by the New Starter. We will aim to match you within 15 working days. As this is a voluntary scheme, we cannot always guarantee that a suitable Buddy will be available.

Where, and when, should we meet?

Meetings should be arranged between you, and at times and locations that suit both parties. We recommend a couple of meetings in the first month and, after that, at a frequency that suits you both. Contact should be kept reasonably short, for example, a couple of minutes for phone calls and up to an hour for face-to-face meetings. Please get permission from your line manager, if required, and always inform someone of your whereabouts.
There is no provision for the cost of refreshments, or travel expenses.

How to apply?

New Starters looking for a Buddy, and existing PA & Administrator Network members wishing to volunteer as Buddies should apply via this web form.
By completing the web form, you are agreeing to participate in line with the expectations outlined on this web page.
If you have any questions relating to the Buddy Scheme, or to take part in the Scheme, then please contact the Buddy Scheme Operations Group at