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Pay & Pensions

Local pay negotations at Imperial College take place on an annual basis, between the College and the Joint Trades Unions. The Unions work together to negotiate with the employers over pay for all staff, including non union members.

Information about recent local pay bargaining for Imperial College staff is available on the campaigns page of the Imperial College UCU web site.

Pensions are earned whilst members are at work and represent deferred pay that is payable in retirement. The unions at Imperial College recognise the importance that staff attach to pensions and they work to defend good pension schemes and to improve and promote affordable, decent pensions for all staff. Our objective is to maintain and secure for all members a decent and secure pension income.

Only union members can vote on union proposals so join a Union to ensure your voice is heard!

Members with pension problems in the workplace should raise these in the first instance with their local representatives who can, where required, access expert support from their union's head office.