A trade union is a staff collective formed to protect and defend its members interests. Staff at Imperial College has three unions: UCU, Unite, and Unison, who work both individually and together on a range of issues.

Staff at Imperial College can join the appropriate union of their choice. For further details of each, see the UCU, Unison & Unite web pages or contact the individual Unions.

The unions:

  • Provide help and support for members who find themselves in difficult situations, such as greivances,  disciplinary hearings etc...
  • Negotiate with the College management for example regarding pay and job grading and other terms and conditions of service for all employees at Imperial College.
  • Negotiate regarding College policies and procedures, including equality & diversity
  • Provide safety representation for members on the Health and Safety Committee to ensure a safe working environment for all.

Historically, most of the gains made in the workplace are down to unions. Without unions there would never have been paid holidays, pension schemes, equal opportunities, health and safety legislation or weekends!