Union representatives are a vital part of ensuring we provide effective advocacy and support to our members across the Imperial branch, as well as sharing best practice and insights from other Unite members throughout the higher education sector and beyond.

Being a Unite rep can involve a number of functions, such as representing the Union in discussions and meetings, supporting members through disputes with case work, and advocating on behalf of colleagues and the staff at events and sessions across the College.

Union representatives are allowed reasonable time, in agreement with line managers, within their contracted work hours to deliver their functions, and are able to access specific training and guidance direct from Unite's central team. Check out the Unite the Union website for more information about what a representative's role and functions might include.

Alongside the benefits of supporting your colleagues, being a rep for the Union provides unique opportunities to develop your understanding of employment rights, policies and practices, and can be extremely beneficial in learning effective and appropriate ways to negotiate with staff at all levels across the College, from local officers and administrators all the way through to senior departmental leadership teams. 

For more information about how to become a rep and some of the initial roles that you might be invited to support with, contact Unite the Union's Imperial branch Chair Susan Parker and/or branch Secretary Mark Keeping.