The Factor consists of three elements:

  1. Depth and Range of Know-How
  2. Planning and Organization
  3. Communication and Influencing

Planning and Organizing

Level 0

Post requiries close supervision. Work is allocated on a day by day basis.

Level 1

Responsible for own work including prioritizing tasks. Supervision is normally only required in the event of problems. The post may involve limited supervision of staff and students.

Level 2

Responsibilty for large facilities involving a number of staff and wide range of activities, co-oordinating activites with other services and forward planning

Communicating and Influencing

Level 1

Limited contact with staff woking within the same area. Common courtesy only is required.

Level 2

Work involves communicating with staff and students on a regular basis. 

Level 3

This will only apply to higher grades where main requirement is in representing the College at national and international level.

The majority of posts will score level 1 for Planning and Organization and level 2 for Communication