This year's publications

  1. 3-D printing of chitosan-calcium phosphate inks: rheology, interactions and characterization. S. S, Ramirez Caballero, E. Saiz, A. Montembault, S. Tadier, E. Maire, L. David, T. Delair, L. Grémillard. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 30:6, 2019
  2. Variable temperature micropillar compression to reveal <a> basal slip properties of Zircaloy-4. S. Wang, F. Giuliani, T. B. Britton. Scripta Materialia, 162, p: 451-455, 2019
  3. High temperature, low neutron cross-section high-entropy alloys in the Nb-Ti-V-Zr system. D. J. M. King, S. T. Y. Cheung, S. A. Humphry-Baker, C. Parkin, A. Couet, M. B. Cortie, G. R. Lumpkin, S. C. Middleburgh, A.J. Knowles. Scripta Materialia, 166, p:435-446, 2019