Name: Jindaporn Juthapakdeeprasert

Supervisor: Prof Bill Lee

Sponsor: SCG Cement-Building Materials

           To produce OPC Clinker, cement industry has to consume a high amount of fuel; lignite, coal… each year. Approximately 10-15% of the energy would be lost to the atmosphere through refractories and external surface. Developing a coating with low thermal conductivity could prevent the heat loss from the cement kiln. However, if the coating is to be used at a riser duct, cyclone, kiln lining and cooler of the cement kiln, other functions must also be taken into consideration. The coating must also have high mechanical, thermal and chemical stress resistance to be able to withstand high temperatures (>1500oC), clinker dust abrasion and chemical corrosion of alkaline, sulphur or chloride gases. Therefore, this multifunction coating would not only reduce energy usage but also protect the refractories surface and decrease restoration coat and time which lead to an extraordinary cost saving.