This page contains detailed information on who is eligible to come to the UK as a dependant, how to make a dependant application and the maintenance requirements for Points Based System dependants under the Student Visa route.

Dependant visa application links
Apply online via the GOV.UK website and read more information about dependants. If dependants are applying at the same time as the main applicant then dependants should be added to the main Student Route application.
  Dependants who are applying after the main applicant has been granted their Student visa there are separate links for PBS - Partner and PBS - child
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Who can apply

Who can be a PBS dependant?

The only family members who can make applications as your 'dependants' under the Student Visa route are:

  • Your spouse / civil partner (aged 18 years or older)
  • Your unmarried partner (you need to have been living together for at least 2 years)
  • Fiancé, or proposed civil partner
  • Your children (aged 18 years or younger)

Who can bring dependants to the UK?

Your dependants can only apply for a visa to join or remain in the UK with you as your dependant if:

  • You are government-sponsored and your course is more than six months long OR
  • You are doing a Postgraduate level course of 9 months or longer at a Higher Education Institution OR
  • You had Tier 4/Student Visa leave for your previous course where the course was over six months long AND
    • your permission is current or expired no more than three months before this immigration application AND
    • your new immigration application is for a course over six months long AND
    • your dependants already have Tier 4/Student Visa dependant leave AND
    • you apply for immigration permission at the same time as your dependant
Who cannot bring dependants to the UK?
  • Pre-sessional students holding a conditional offer for their Undergraduate / Masters / PhD course will not be able to bring family members to the UK under the Student Visa route for the pre-sessional course.
  • Students studying on a part-time course that meets the Student Visa requirements.

If your dependants wish to come to visit for a period of up to six months only, they may wish to come as a visitor. Please note, however, that it is not possible to switch from a visitor visa into a Points Based System dependant visa or any other visa from within the UK.

How to apply

Outside the UK

If your dependants are currently outside the UK they must all:

  • Apply for 'entry clearance' from the Visa Application Centre in their home country before they travel to the UK.
  • Complete the online application form and pay the fee. 

Dependants will need to provide:

  • Proof of relationship (e.g. marriage certificate/birth certificate)
  • Copy of main applicant's visa + statement of attendance (this can be obtained online via your My Imperial portal)
  • Evidence of funds and accommodation

Within the UK

Dependants should apply at the same time as the main Student Visa applicant. When the main applicant is completing the online application form there is an opportunity to select the number of dependants so the dependant application forms will also be completed online. 

How much money


Maintenance for dependants

Please note that the new UK Immigration System states that Student dependants who apply for Student dependant permission from within the UK and who have been living in the UK with immigration permission or 12 months or longer when they apply do not now need to meet the financial requirements. 

If you have not been in the UK for the past 12 months and need additional time to complete your studies (for example to complete a PhD), as a Student Visa applicant you are required to demonstrate you have enough money per month to cover your living costs in the UK until your new course end date. This is £1265 per month (up to a maximum of 9 months).

However, your dependants will need to demonstrate enough money per month to cover their living costs until the end of the visa you will be granted (your new course end date PLUS 4 months). This is £845 per month (up to a maximum of 9 months).


Therefore, if your course has been extended by 4 months, and you are extending your visa on that basis, you will need to demonstrate you have £1265 x 4 = £5060. Any dependants will have to show £845 x 8 (4 months to your new course end date PLUS 4 months in line with the additional time you are granted on top of your course end date) = £6760.

If you are unsure how much money your dependants will need to demonstrate then please do not hesitate to contact us

Anyone applying with a main applicant for a new course of study will need to show the full 9 months.

Place of studyAmount per monthNumber of monthsTotal
Inner London (all Imperial campuses) £ 845 per month 9  £7,605