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Projects for students to partner with staff in developing and expanding the College’s cross disciplinary modules

For undergraduates there will be a for-degree-credit module in year 2 or 3 (depending on department). Modules can be selected from one of four options; Imperial Horizons, Business for Professional Engineers and Scientists , STEMM modules, and Multidisciplinary projects.  The modules offered are constructed to extend the core STEMM educational experience and will encourage students to strengthen competencies in one or more of the following ways:

  • Working effectively in diverse teams and across disciplinary boundaries
  • Approaching challenges with curiosity, critical thinking and creativity
  • Innovatively applying their skills to tackling complex real-world problems
  • Understanding and valuing different cultures and perspectives
  • Developing into independent learners with high self-efficacy and identity
  • Supporting the development of their communication skills in a variety of settings and for different audiences

In order to develop modules with this ethos, engaging with students as partners during the design and development phase of a module is a particularly valuable approach and should be considered. StudentShapers will be particularly looking to support the development of the new STEMM module stream alongside other ongoing developments within the I-Explore programme and the StudentShapers team will be working collaboratively with I-Explore to facilitate these opportunities.

Questions around STEMM module development can be directed to the STEMM module stream lead and/or StudentShapers if regarding student partnership.