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Timetabler Calendar is an online tool available for all the Imperial College Staff and Students to view their own timetables and other resources (rooms, students groups, modules and programmes) timetables. Celcat Timetabler Calendar displays the timetables according to the Global Publication Window.                                                                                                                                                  

The timetable is subject to change and users are encouraged to check for updates regularly

Timetabler Calendar is a web-based application designed for use by staff and students to view their own timetables and timetables for other resource types (rooms, modules, groups, rooms). It provides read-only access to timetable data that is held in the Celcat database in an easy-to-use format, accessible to individuals with College Username. 

  • It is web-based
  • All the events are published on Timetabler Calendar, except for the "Resource Non-availability" event category
  • Calendar follows the Global Publication Window. Find out more about Timetable Publication Windows 
  • To those with a Record in Celcat (Staff or Student), it displays timetables for any resource, such as an individual student, student group, teaching staff member or room 
  • To those without a Record in Celcat (Staff or Student), it displays timetables for Rooms Only
  • It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • It is interactive and has pop-up information available
  • It minimises the effort of users of looking for information
  • Programme timetables are available to view

If you have any queries please email the Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO)

NHS Staff will  need to have the VPN swicthed on in order to login into Calendar.  Learn more about how to add a VPN connection to your laptop.

Timetable Updates


"While every attempt will be made to minimize alterations to timetables, in some circumstances changes may be unavoidable. It is the individual responsibility to check the timetable regularly and refresh this for any updates, ensuring you have the correct information to attend your classes. If you print a copy you must check back for alterations as activities are likely to be updated, particularly during the first few weeks of term."

Timetabler Calendar

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 Timetabler Calendar as StaffTimetabler Calendar as StudentTimetabler Calendar as unauthenticated users (Rooms only timetable)*
A Room Timetable    √    √    √
A Module Timetable    √    √    
Your Personal Timetable    √    √    
A Group Timetable    √    
An Individual Staff timetable    √    
An Individual Student timetable    √    
A Team Timetable    √    
An Equipment Timetable    √    
A Programme Timetable    √    
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*If you are not listed as a Staff or Student in the Celcat database, you will only be able to view the ROOMS timetables (as an unauthenticated user). 

If you wish to be added to the Celcat database, please complete the Request to Add / Amend / Delete a Resource in Celcat. Once the request is submitted a member of the Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) will process the form and will be in touch with you.  If you have any queries please contact the Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO)

Which fields are displayed on an Event?

 Timetabler Calendar as Staff or StudentTimetabler Calendar as an unauthenticated user (Room only timetable)
Event Name    √    
Event Category      
Published Notes (Custom3)     
Event ID    √    √
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