During the COVID-19 pandemic our study room capacity is reduced. Please observe the room capacity indicated.

Central Library study rooms

Students may book study rooms via Library bookings.

You may book two sessions in any seven days (maximum booking of two hours allowed per day). Bookings cannot be made more than six days in advance. Please make sure you arrive on time -  after 15 minutes Library Services may reassign the time slot to another user.

Non-members of Imperial will not be permitted to enter the library in order to join a group of students who have booked a room.

To find out more about the facilities in each room see Central Library.

Campus library study rooms and training rooms

Our campus libraries have study rooms and training rooms. For booking information visit the links below:

Central Library training rooms - these rooms are currently unavailable

Central Library training rooms 1 and 2 can only be booked by library staff and priority is given to library training events.

Outside term time Library Services accepts occasional bookings by other Imperial departments. Bookings are at the discretion of the Head of User Services. To make an enquiry email library@imperial.ac.uk or ASK the Library.

Students may use the rooms for quiet study when not in use for training.

See Training rooms terms of use for full details.

Central Library room ICCL-04-408 (level 4 meeting room) - this room is currently unavailable

Central Library room ICCL-04-408 (the level 4 meeting room) is a shared space that can be booked by Imperial staff.

See Meeting room bookings for details.

The room seats 16 boardroom layout and 30 classroom layout.

If you are inviting external attendees, email libsec@imperial.ac.uk and Wunmi Agunbiade m.agunbiade@imperial.ac.uk with the name of the meeting, date and time, location, list of attendees, and your contact details. Your attendees will not be permitted access to the library unless you provide this information or meet them personally at the library entrance. Members of Imperial will need to use their swipe cards to gain access to the library on level 1, and again to enter the room on level 4.

Catering should be delivered directly to the meeting room and not served in the adjoining library staff area.

ICT training room: room 204, Central Library

To book the ICT training room on level 2 Central Library, visit ICT training room.

Students may use the room for quiet study when not in use for training.