To ensure Business Continuity is appropriately regulated, it is necessary that it falls under the College’s governance structure. This structure is shown below.

The Risk and Business Continuity Steering Committee (Terms of Reference) sets the strategic objectives and direction for Business Continuity and approves the Colleges Business Continuity Policy. As such, it is the responsibility of the Provost’s Board for overseeing the development and monitoring the implementation of the College’s Business Continuity Management System and associated policy and procedures.

This committee is supported by a Business Continuity Operational Review Group (Terms of Reference) that reviews minor incidents, which frequently occur throughout the College. This purpose of this group is to identify gaps and systemic failures in processes, gather and identify lessons learnt and advise the Committee on where changes to procedures might be appropriate.

In the event of a major incident, a Major Incident Review senior group will be established to review how the incident occurred and how the response and recovery was managed. This group will identify lessons learnt in order to protect us from future incidents and improve our procedures (Terms of Reference).

BC Governance Structure