External callers should preface the phone numbers with +44 (0)20 759

CAGB is the City and Guilds Building, listed as number 28 on the South Kensington Campus map.


Name Role(s) Phone Room
Ashutosh Choubey Program Manager    
Jon Cole Technician, COSHH Assessor 45041 CAGB 125
Jordan Farrar Workshop Technician    
Franco Giammaria Laboratory and Instrumentation Supervisor 45062 CAGB 223a
Dr Kevin Gouder 10 x 5 Wind Tunnel Manager    
Mark Grant Technician 45439 CAGB 207
Russell Harbison Wind Tunnel Senior Technician    
Paul Howard Wind Tunnel Technician    
Roland Hutchins Technician, COSHH Assessor, Workshop Supervisor 45060 CAGB 207
Ian James Technician 45439 CAGB 207
Dr Nigel MacCarthy Experimental Services and Wind Tunnel Manager, Safety Officer 45043 CAGB 222
Claire McNamara National Wind Tunnel Facility Project Manager    
Joseph Meggyesi Mechanical Testing Laboratory Supervisor, Technician 45159 CAGB 115
Jonathan Miller Tunnel Research Operations Engineer 58618  
Ian Pardew Technician, First Aider 45439 CAGB 207
Gary Senior Technician, Composites Laboratory Supervisor 45041 CAGB 125
Alan Smith Technician 45090 CAGB 226
Mark Thornton Technician 45060 CAGB 207
Keith Wolstenholme Technician 45439 CAGB 207