Given the highly computational nature of the department, it is not surprising that computing facilities are outstanding. Research activities make use of two High Performance Beowulf clusters, an Itanium server and a large number of Linux and Unix workstations, as well as Windows PCs. In addition, research groups have access to College-wide and external parallel facilities.

There are two teaching laboratories open to all department members. The main teaching laboratory consists of 44 HP PCs running Linux and Windows. The second teaching cluster has 28 computers, 18 of which are dual-boot and 10 are Linux-only PCs used mainly for projects. Both computer rooms operate between the hours of 7.00 and 22.00, seven days a week.

The two clusters and all the research workstations are linked via 100Mbit links to the 1Gbit College network and the Internet.

Peripherals available for public use include several high-resolution laser printers, including a colour laser printer.

Undergraduates make extensive use of the computer laboratories for classes such as an in-depth programming course, numerical methods courses and Computer-Aided Design courses using a three-dimensional solid modeller package. In addition, it is used for projects which range from Finite Element analysis to Aircraft Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics.