Visualisation Wall

The Visualisation Wall in Room 305, City and Guilds Building. Photo credit: Dave Guttridge

Visualisation Wall

Photo: Dave Guttridge

Visualisations of wake-to-wake interactions in large-scale wind farms

The Department of Aeronautics recently invested in a state-of-the-art visualisation wall. With a 12.4 million pixel and 3.8 metre display surface, powered by dual P5000 NVIDIA GPUs, the visualisation wall allows our researchers to interactively inspect large computational and experimental datasets containing hundreds of millions of points.  

The visualisation wall has a very positive impact on research activities: it has recently helped improve our understanding of the flow transition mechanism in a realistic low-pressure turbine cascade subject to rotor-stator interactions at moderate to high Reynolds numbers.

The Viz wall (as it is affectionately known by Departmental staff and studentsalso helps us to better understand wake-to-wake interactions in large-scale wind farms. For this, the visualisations are generated thanks to an in-house wind farm simulator using thousands of computational cores on the UK Supercomputing Facility ARCHER