Other Wind Tunnels

As well as the T1, T2 and 10x5 wind tunnels, the Department also has six other wind tunnels ranging in capability, test section sizes and speeds of up to Mach 9.

Wind tunnels include:

  • 18" Closed-circuit wind tunnel with a 55m/s top speed and a 0.45m square test section which is 2m long
  • Supersonic wind tunnel 0.15m x 0.15m cross-sectional area capable of up to Mach 5 flows for 30 secs duration
  • Hypersonic gun tunnel. This is a short duration facility with a nozzle exit diameter of 0.34m. It operates at Mach 9 and achieves unit Reynolds Numbers in excess of 40 million; it is thus suitable for the study of transition and turbulent boundary layer flows.
  • 18" Open Jet wind tunnel with Centrifugal fan, precision AC drive system and traverse. Speeds up to 30 m/s.
  • 10" FloTek open jet wind tunnel for system preparation, probe calibration etc. 

We also have various blower wind tunnels of varying cross-sectional area for small scale aerodynamic experiments.

For more information please contact Dr Nigel MacCarthy.

Water Equipment

The Department has a facility that uses water as the working medium and has been developed especially to study the wave forces on sea-based structures: 

  • A 9m long water channel with 0.6m-square section and computerised towing carriage. This flow channel is particularly useful for flow visualisation

For more information contact Dr Nigel MacCarthy