Destination of 2017 graduates

What do our Graduates go on to do?

The pie chart on the right summarises the most recent data regarding employment of graduates of the Department of Aeronautics, collected at six months from graduation.

The vast majority of students enter employment straight after graduation; "Further Study" refers to students enrolled in MSc, PhD, MBA courses at Imperial or at other leading Universities world-wide.

Among the graduates who entered employment, 25% work in the Finance/Business/Management sector, 25% work as engineers in the aerospace industry and the remaining 50% is employed in other branches of engineering.

Typical employers are large multinational companies including aerospace companies. The students' entry level salary ranges from £18,000 to £75,000 year, with an average of £30,000.

80% of the graduates works in the UK, while the remaining 20% is distributed between Asia, Europe and Americas.

A considerable fraction (10%) of our students interrupt their studies (typically in the third year) in order to spend year-long internships in industry.

Companies offering placements include the major Formula One players, such as Williams, McLaren, Toro Rosso, Lotus and others. Often these internships result in the offer of a full-time job at graduation.

Examples of employers