What is the deadline for MSc applications?

The deadline for submitting an application is generally in the Summer but if a programme becomes oversubscribed, it can and will close earlier. This has frequently been the case with our MSc programmes so early application is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Once you have submitted your application you must ensure that your referees submit their references as soon as possible otherwise your application may be automatically rejected.

Can the Department assess my suitability for a chosen programme before I submit a complete application?

No; the Department can only assess an individual’s suitability for their chosen programme after they have submitted a full application.

How many applications can I submit to Imperial College London?

Applicants can only submit one application per year to Imperial College London. However, applicants are able to list two programmes on their application; a first and second choice. If an applicant is rejected by their first choice then their application will be passed on for consideration by their second choice.

I want to apply for entry this coming October, but will not receive my degree results until after 1 May. What should I do?

Complete and submit your application including the details of your pending degree, your provisional academic transcript and the expected date of your results. If your application is successful your official academic transcript will need to be sent to the Engineering Admissions team in Registry when you receive your final degree results.

I have got my degree but still need to take an English Language test. Can I send in my application before I take the test?

Yes; you can still send in your application since the evaluation process can begin while Registry is waiting for your English Language test result. However, you will need to send the original test certificate to the Engineering Admissions team in Registry before a final decision on your application can be made and notified to you. Copies will not be accepted.

How do I submit an application?

All applications must be submitted using the online system My Imperial following the guidance.

Documents should not be emailed directly to the Department as these will not be considered during the assessment of your application.

What documents do I include in my application?

When completed the online Application Form you will need to upload the following documents to the system when prompted:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Transcript of your Studies to date

If you do not upload the documents above the Department will not be able to assess your application and it will be rejected. For details about references please the relevant sections below.

Documents must not be emailed directly to the Department as these will not be considered during the assessment of your application. If you have any issues uploading any of the required documentation please contact the Engineering Admissions team in Registry.

Does the Academic Transcript have to be English?

Yes, it is a requirement of Imperial College London that the academic transcript be in English.

Does the Academic Transcript have to be official?

We will accept a copy of the transcript of your results to date, screenshots from your current university account or your own translations of transcripts when submitting your application. Please also ensure you send with your transcripts a key to your university grading system if not UK based.

If you are made an offer you will need to provide the original documents to the Engineering Admissions team in Registry.

Should I upload any reference letters with my application?

No, you must simply provide the full details for your two referees in the application form. Any reference letters uploaded with your application will not be considered by the Department when assessing your application.

How are references submitted?

Once you have entered the contact details of two referees and submitted your application form, your referees will be sent an automated email explaining how to submit their reference to Registry. If any referees have problems submitting a reference using the online system then they must contact the Engineering Admissions team in Registry.

Your references must be academic otherwise your application will not be assessed. The email addresses stated for each referee in your application must be their official institutional email address . References from personal accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, 123 etc will not be accepted by Registry and your application will not be assessed by the Department. Please note that references must come directly from your referee, any recomendation letters uploaded by you will not be deemed to meet our requirements.

If your referee does not have an official institution account, then a hard copy reference should be sent to the Engineering Admissions team in Registry instead.

How long do the referees have to submit their references?

Ideally referees should submit their online references as soon as possible after receiving the automated email.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that references are submitted in a timely manner, the Department will not chase them for outstanding references on your behalf. If Registry does not receive the references within a few weeks of the application being submitted the applicant will be contacted and eventually the Department will reject the application automatically.

How can I track my application and the decision status?

After submitting your application you will receive access to the My Imperial where you can track the progress, status and outcome of your application. You will receive an email within 10 days containing your CID reference (which should be quoted in all correspondence), your e-service username and instructions on how to activate your e-service account. It is important to check this regularly for updates and respond promptly to any requests.

Who assesses my application?

Once your applications, supporting documentation and references have all been submitted, they will first be assessed by the Engineering Admissions team in Registry before being passed on to the Department.

It will then be checked to ensure that it is complete (i.e. all documents have been supplied, as well as both references). Only complete applications will be forwarded for Course Director's consideration.

I've been offered a place on an MSc programme in the Department of Aeronautics; how long do I have to acccept the offer?

The offer must be accepted within 28 days. Your deposit then needs to be paid within 30 days of accepting the offer.