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Admissions FAQ and further information

Still have questions after checking out the links on this page? Check out our Admissions FAQ page or the A-Z for current students. The student handbook can be downloaded from the sidebar of the latter.

If you have received your offer, and have further questions not listed in the FAQs, you may contact the Engineering Admissions Team at

Student wellbeing and support

Within the Department of Aeronautics, we have a dedicated Student wellbeing page where students can access resources on managing their well-being on academics and personal issues. They provide contacts of our Wellbeing Advisor, Senior Tutors and student representatives that may be able to help and direct the appropriate and existing resources to students.

For a guide to student wellbeing at Imperial, you may view information on and the Student Support Zone. The Success Guide offers you advice and resources to excel at Imperial College London.

The Disability Advisory Service supports students who have an impairment or disability, specific learning difficulties and other short and long-term conditions. They also extend some services to prospective and offer holder students. Within the department, the Departmental Disability Officers (DDOs) are the first point of contact and help to organise and facilitate the support the Disability Advisory Service has suggested within the department.

The Student Counselling Service provides individual counselling for registered students at the College for any personal issue(s) that may be affecting their wellbeing.  The Student Mental Advice Service provides support for students who may have had, or are experiencing moderate to severe or enduring mental health difficulties.

The Chaplaincy service provides pastoral support by working with experiences of faith, spirituality and religion to support study and research.

Student life

Clubs, Societies and Projects (CSPs) are a big part of Life at Imperial. The Imperial College Union (ICU) is home to all CSPs and a full list of all the CSPs can be found here.

AeroSoc is the student society under the Department of Aeronautics. They provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests outside lectures, such as getting to know their coursemates better through organizing fun, exciting activities and social events. They also host a series of highly attended Career Talks, where they invite leading firms in the industry to share with you the type of work they are doing at their company.

Future careers

A page dedicated to future Undergraduate Careers with a degree in Aeronautics is also available.

ATAS Information

Useful information regarding applying for your ATAS certificate

You may view more information on ATAS on our FAQs page.

Student Representatives

Why are there Student Representatives?

Student Representation is a crucial and invaluable platform that enables the student community to shape their experiences and the Imperial institution as a whole. Within the Imperial College Union, two networks - Academic and Wellbeing - work hand-in-hand to ensure College staff understand the needs of students studying at Imperial. Find out more about the Representative Network in action within the Aeronautics department.

How are the networks structured?

For each network, there is one Representative per year group and one Departmental Representative. Therefore, each year will have one Academic Year Rep and one Wellbeing Year Rep, and each department has one Academic and one Wellbeing Departmental Rep. The Year Reps are be the point of contact for their cohort and work with the Department Reps to identify issues to be raised with College staff in their departments.

What do both the Academic and Wellbeing Reps do?

They collect feedback from students, regarding topics within their remit, and to alert university staff of issues affecting students' wellbeing/academic experience within their cohort.

What does the Academic Rep do?

Academic Reps are responsible for identifying and addressing issues affecting your education. They also work to proactively improve both your learning experience and that of future students, by coming up with new ideas and sharing best practices from different parts of College, helping the Union’s agenda.

The network of academic representatives works across departments and faculties to communicate best practices to one another.

What does the Wellbeing Rep do?

The Wellbeing Reps are responsible for identifying issues and raising awareness in areas affecting students such as health, financial concerns, relationships, equality & diversity and personal safety.

The network of wellbeing representatives serves as a campaigning body to promote messages about positive wellbeing and signposting to relevant internal and external support services.