There are a number of areas where students can study as detailed below.  Please note that students cannot book any Departmental/SEQ teaching or meeting rooms for study either individual or group.  However you can book rooms elsehere in College and please refer to our Room Booking page for full information on how to do this.

Library Space

Students at Imperial have access with your College ID card to all seven Imperial College Libraries which can be found across a number of campuses where you can study and book study/meeting rooms if required (full details on library facilities at all campuses can be found here).  Rooms can be booked via the College's Room Booking system, refer to our Room Booking page.

  • the Central Library at South Kensington (24 hour opening, closed every Fri 23.00 - Sat 10.00)
  • medical libraries at Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster, Hammersmith, Royal Brompton and St Mary's hospitals
  • Silwood Park Campus Library

Common Room

There is an Aeronautics Undergraduate Common Room (CAGB 205) which students can also study in but note this is not its primary function and there may be noise.

BOSS Space

Two dedicated shared study spaces for students of Aeronautics, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments (collectively known as SEQ for timetabling purposes) are listed below, however please note these will not be particulary quiet areas.
City and Guilds Building - Level 2 Breakout Space (BOSS)
Skempton Building - Level 2 Breakout Space (BOSS) 

Also in the CAGB BOSS space there are two small meeting rooms which can be booked out by Aero, Civil and Mechanical Engineering students only. This allows students to manage this space themselves via outlook calendar. Bookings can either be done via your outlook calendar on a PC or online via Office365.

Department/SEQ Teaching Rooms

In addition there are a number of shared teaching spaces in City and Guilds (CAGB) and Skempton (SKEM) Buildings which Aeronautics students can study in (shared with Civil and Mech Eng students also) when not been used for teaching or other events and these are listed below.  Full details on how to find and the resources in these rooms can be found on the Faculty's Teaching Spaces website  or by clicking on the relevant room number below.  Please note you will see on the Teaching Spaces website a number of rooms not listed below and if you do not have swipe access to these spaces then do not enter i.e. no tailgating others but if you do have access then you can use if free. 

You can view the calendars for these rooms via the CELCAT Calender link so you know when free (select room from drop-down box, type room number in the free text box which appears i.e. CAGB 200 and then navigate to date). 

CAGB Rooms
Lecture/Seminar: 200; 300; 309; 640; 649; 650; 651; 652; 664; 747; 748; 749; 750; 751; 752
Computer: 203; 761; 762

SKEM Rooms
Lecture/Seminar:  060abc (set-up as one room); 062064ab (set-up as one room); 163; 164; 165; 201; 207; 315
Computer: 208; 317

Please note that during peak exam and project work periods (Spring Term Wks 15-16, Summer Term Wks 31-39) all of the computer rooms when not used for SEQ Departments teaching have been booked out for "SEQ Student Use" so if you see this event in the CELCAT calendar for the room you can use it.  When teaching is taking place in the room see study space rule (5) below.  Unfortunately we are not able to book out the computer rooms at any other times or any other teaching rooms for students as the rooms are bookable by other Departments under the College Space Sharing policy.

Study Space Rules

  1. Do not move the furniture in any of the teaching rooms and if you do then you must put back exactly as you found as is set up for teaching.  If students consistently move furniture and not put back then access to all students will be removed from rooms outside of teaching hours.  In addition for rooms such as SKEM 060abc and SKEM 064ab they are set up as large rooms and partitions are NOT to be set up by students.
  2. Students regardless of what study area you are in are asked to work quietly and be considerate of others at all times.  If you are asked to be quite then do so.
  3. All rooms you use should be kept clean and tidy and all students must dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided and if any spillages ensure you clear up.
  4. Students cannot book rooms to study in either within or outside the teaching day and if you are asked by a member of staff to leave any rooms then please do so.
  5. At certain times of year, computer availability is limited and every effort is made to maximise availability of computers for students working on coursework. When a computer room has a timetabled activity taking place, at the sole discretion of the lecturer in charge, other students may work quietly in seats designated by the lecturer. Where an exam or test is in progress, under no circumstances may students who are not undertaking the assessment be in the room.
  6. If charging phones or laptops, please ensure your cables do not form a trip hazard for others.