Programme information

This degree combines the study of aeronautical engineering with the opportunity to undertake an internship in industry after successfully completing the third year.  Students on our H401 programme who are on target to achieve a minimum of a 2:1, who have organised a suitable placement, may transfer to this degree (placements have to be for a minimum of nine months long and have a clear engineering focus to meet with our degree requirements).  Please note that students who fail to meet this academic requirement following the exam board will be transferred back to the H401 programme, no exceptions.

Note the department does not arrange the placements, which need to be organized by the students. Companies like Rolls Royce, Red Bull, Williams, Mercedes, Airbus, etc. offer year-long internships. Such companies usually send the Department work placement advertisements which are circulated to students to apply directly. Although the department actively encourages students to apply for these placements, we do not intervene in the selection process.  (If you require a letter confirming the year in industry is an integral part of your degree which a lot of companies require students to provide prior to interview then please request from Undergraduate Office clearly stating your full name, CID, current year and we will provide you with our standard general letter).

Students in the year in industry will gain ECTS credits, which will appear in their transcript but there are no marks associated with this year and therefore it does not count towards the final degree classification.

The Year in Industry Coordinator is Dr Kostas Steiros and all placements are approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr Errikos Levis.  Other useful Year in Industry information can be found on the College's Careers website and for students taking placements abroad please ensure you read College information and regulations on the Registry website here.

General information on transferring programmes including fees can be found on our Programme Transfer page which students are requested to read before starting the process below. 

Programme transfer process

The deadline for transfer requests to the Year in Industry programme for the next academic year is Friday 7th June 2024 but we would urge students to submit as early as possible in particular overseas students who may have rather lengthy visa issues to deal with .

  1. Students who have secured a 1-year long placement in industry for the next academic year are required to transfer to the H420 MEng with a Year in Industry. Such students must first discuss with their personal tutor and for Tier 4 Visa students to read the information on the International Student Support website.
  2. The next step is to complete and submit a H420 Programme Transfer Request Form to the UG Office and DUGS Dr Errikos Levis who makes our transfer decisions for the Year in Industry programme.  Please ensure all sections of the form are fully completed as otherwise it will be returned back to you to complete.
  3. DUGS will relay his decision to the UG Office who will inform student.  If approval has been granted then we will proceed with proceed with the transfer as outlined below.
  4. Student should immediately inform International Student Support if a Tier 4 Visa student and they will check out your visa status and email you as appropriate.  Please ensure you deal with promptly any requests for information or instructions they give you.
  5. Once students have received DUGS transfer approval they must ask their host companies to complete a Placement Provider Information Form which is a College requirement for all Year in Industry placements.  The onus is on students to ensure their host companies deal with completing and submitting this form directly to the Undergraduate Office (not accepted from students).
  6. Please note that official transfer to the H420 Year in Industry programme will not be actioned by Registry until mid-August (after exam board and Registry release results to students).  For students taking Summer Resits transfers will not be actioned until mid-September (after the Resits exam board has taken place and Registry release results to students).  You need to be aware that as stated above that if you have failed to meet the academic requirement the transfer will not take place.  
  7. For those students who have applied for a Tuition Fee Loan from the UK government you should now inform them of your new programme code.
  8. Personal tutors will be internal supervisors for the Year in Industry and students will be asked to complete and submit quarterly reports on Blackboard Learn for assessment/approval by internal supervisor/personal tutor. (Full information on this process will be sent to students shortly after they start their year in industry).