The Board exists to advise the Department on the following areas of its work:

Overarching Strategy

  • The Department’s long term strategy and implementation of its strategy
  • Trends and developments in industry and university research and suggesting departmental responses.

Research Strategy

  • Research strategy taking into account trends, developments, government and funding policy, and industry needs.
  • Research collaborations (industry, international, clinical)

Teaching and Curricula  

  • Alignment of the curricula of its taught courses with the needs of society and to identify new trends and innovations which should be reflected in the curricula.
  • Industry involvement in teaching and learning, including career and internship opportunities for students and graduates.

 Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

  • The Department’s profile nationally and internationally with its key stakeholders (funders, government, employers, alumni etc.)
  • Effectiveness of current engagement with business and industry.

Advisory Board Members