Following 36 months of full-time study or 72 months of part-time study, all research students must complete a formal progress report. This is required regardless of whether a student is in Writing Up Status.  The aim of this review is to help students successfully complete their PhD on time.

Students must submit the progress report form and a one page report documenting work remaining and the timeline for completion of the research and thesis.  Reports and forms should be submitted via the link on Blackboard, where more complete guidance on the milestone can be found.

Following the equivalent of 24 months of full-time study, students are permitted to enter ‘Writing Up Status’. In order to be eligible, a student must be able to demonstrate that they will be in a position to submit their thesis within 12 months. An application form, which may also be found with the electronic milestones documents, must be completed.

Please note that writing up or extending registration status does not affect your thesis submission deadline, which will always be 4 years from your initial registration, plus any approved extensions and Interruption of Studies taken.

Should you require additional advice then it is advised to contact the Postgraduate Research Student support team at or speak with the Director of Postgraduate Studies.

Overview of options at 36 months

Writing Up Status

Students who have completed their experimental work and/or data collection may enter Writing Up Status.  Students retain access to College facilities, apart from laboratories, whilst engaged in writing up their thesis. Students may remain in Writing Up Status for up to 12 months of full-time study. Students will be eligible, where appropriate, for Council Tax exemption and will be insured under the College insurance policy whilst engaged in College activities.

Extend Registration

Students who still has experimental work and/or data collection to perform cannot move into Writing Up Status and will continue to pay full fees.

Please note that this will have implications if you have a student visa, so it is vital that you contact the International Student Support Team if this applies to you.