Download templates for presentations, research posters and letters and find example text for your College email signature.

If you have any questions about using these templates, please contact the Style Guide for help and advice.

Business cards and compliment slips

College users can order branded business cards and compliment slips through the Printed Stationery Portal. Visit the purchasing website to find out more.

Email signatures

Email signatures should use the Arial font and follow this style:

Name (Pronouns) (read more about the importance of adding your pronouns to your signature)
Job title
Department / Division name (if relevant)
Imperial College London
Your Campus
Room, Building
(if required)
London XXX XXX (local campus postcode)
Tel: +44 (0)20 XXXX XXXX (using the international dial format helps overseas recipients)

If required, you can also add an alternative telephone or fax number. These numbers should be formatted using the same style as your primary telephone number above.

At the bottom of your signature, you can add a sentence directing viewers to a particular service or offer that is relevant to your area.

We do not recommend the addition of the College logo or any other icons or images to your message as the files may react with spam filters used by recipients.

Dissertation and thesis covers

We do not provide a template for disseratation and thesis covers, however, you are welcome to use the College logo on your cover.

It is not permitted for you to use the College crest on your dissertation or thesis cover. The College crest is an important part of the graphic identity of Imperial College London and is reserved for uses which promote the heritage and history of the College, such as degree certificates, invitations to formal College events, and sports team apparel and official merchandise.

For more details, please contact Style Guide.

Other resources


The Asset Library contains over 150,000 images related to all aspects of life at the College which are available to the Imperial community to view and download. Log in to the Asset Library or find out more about getting started with Asset Library on the Web Guide.

Event materials

To find out more about designing banners, posters, signage or merchandise for an event, please visit the branded signage and merchandise pages or contact the Style Guide for more information.

Digital signage

The digital signage across campus is used to promote events, activities and news at the College. Guidance on creating and loading content, as well as a list of the people responsible for screens in different areas of the campus is available in the digital signage section of the Web Guide.

Web pages

For help and advice about creating and populating pages on the Imperial website, visit the Web Guide.


Find online and pdf maps of each of the Imperial campuses on the campuses and maps pages. If you have any questions about the campus maps, or spot an error, please contact the Style Guide