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From your first day at Imperial you will then be able to book onto events, one to one appointments and search for job vacancies. We've compiled some links below to help you to explore our resources and start planning your career.

Every year we help thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate Imperial students explore, develop, and shape their futures. Our friendly and experienced team will work with you from day one of your studies, to explore options, connect with employers, and navigate the complex job market and multitude of further study options available both in the UK and globally.

Our careers consultants work closely with the departments via a Departmental Careers Adviser (DCA) to provide tailored careers education and events. You can find out more about our team or view a list of DCAs. We are always interested to hear your ideas and feedback!

Our careers consultants and advisers offer one to one appointments that can be booked via JobsLive but we strongly recommend that you do some work first, and view our web pages on plan your career, jobs and experience, and applications and interviews.

With a range of online resources and publicationsworkshopspresentationsemployer events and one to one appointments, we are well equipped to help you explore and reach your career goals. You don’t need to know what you want to do to benefit from our services as your career plans will develop and change overtime but we’d encourage you to use our website and sign up to our newsletter to get a weekly update on what’s on.