Overview of the EWRE research group

Overview of the EWRE group

The research interests of the Environmental and Water Resource Engineering (EWRE) Section, focus primarily upon aspects of Environmental Engineering, Water Resource Management and Solid Waste Management. The Section addresses some of the most fundamental issues for society including: flood protection, sustainable water resource development, the provision of safe water supplies and sanitation, and the management of wastes and their environmental impact.

Who works in the EWRE section

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) Academic and Teaching Staff A-Z

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Adrian Butler

Professor of Subsurface Hydrology, DIC, PhD, FRMetS, FGS
Director of MSc in Hydrology
Sub surface flow and transport processes and their environmental impact. 

Wouter Buytaert

Professor in Hydrology and Water Resources, PhD
Digital Communications Coordinator
Hydrology and water resources; Environmental change; Land use impacts; Hydrological modelling; Data assimilation and uncertainty analysis; Decision support systems; Sustainable development; Tropical hydrology. 

Geoff Fowler

Senior Research Fellow, PhD, MRSC, CChem
Department Safety Officer
Thermal and microwave pyrolysis; activated carbon production and application; Contaminated land treatment; Hazardous waste management; Composite recycling; Water jetting.

Sue Grimes

Professor and Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Waste and Resource Management, PhD, MBA, DipMRS, CSci. CChem. FRSC, CEnv, MCIWM
Director of MSc in Environmental Engineering
Undergraduate Year 4 Coordinator

Recovery of value components from wastes for conversion to commercially useful products; Closed-loop methodologies towards resource efficiency; Decision-support tools for sustainable waste management.

Evina Katsou

Professor of Water Engineering, PhD
Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Technologies and Green Technology Innovations, AI-Driven Environmental Solutions and Big Data Analytics in Water Management, Greenhouse Gas monitoring and mitigation in Water systems, Carbon Footprint Mitigation Strategies, Circular Economy Implementation: Water, Biobased Systems and other sectors, Sustainable Water Resources and Environmental Management Metrics, Renewable Resource Utilization and Biorefinery Approaches in Industry applications, Sustainability & Circularity Measurement and Assessment, Integration of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA), Risk Assessment and Social Impact Assessments  

Po-Heng (Henry) Lee

Senior Lecturer in Wastewater Engineering, PhD
Anaerobic biotechnology, i.e., fermentation, digestion, anammox, quantum-induced metabolism, for mining resources from wastewaters with thermodynamic and meta'omic techniques

Ana Mijic

Reader in Water Systems Integration, PhD, DIC
Co-Director of the Cente for Systems Engineering and InnovationOutreach Coordinator
Satish Dhawan Visiting Chair Professorship at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore
Urban hydrology and urban ecosystems; Groundwater-sewer interactions; Urban water and energy use; Water resources assessment and climate change mitigation.

Christian Onof

Reader in Stochastic Environmental Systems, PhD, DIC, FSS
Stochastic modeling of precipitation related variables and the impact of climate change upon hydrological variables. 

Athanasios Paschalis

Senior Lecturer in Hydrology, PhD
Lecture Programme Coordinator 
Stochastic modelling of rainfall; Probability theory and statistics; Ecohydrology and water/soil/plant atmosphere interactions; Physically based modelling for catchment hydrology; Natural hazard risk analysis.

Stephen R. Smith

Professor of Bioresource Systems, BSc, PhD, MCIWM, MCIWEM, C.WEM, CEnv
Head of Environmental and Water Resources (EWRE) Section 
Bioresources management, treatment, land application, agronomic value, environmental and health impact; Energy products from biodegradable solid waste. 

Ivan Stoianov

Reader in Water Systems Engineering, PhD
Modelling and optimal control of water supply and wastewater systems: Sensing and monitoring of civil engineering infrastructure; Founder of the InfraSense lab.

Michael Templeton

Professor of Public Health Engineering, PhD, CEng, FICE
Oxfam and Water For People / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Global Sanitation Technology
Drinking water quality and treatment; Chemical and microbiological contaminants in water; Disinfection processes; Disinfection by-products; Water and sanitation for developing countries. 
Environment Engineering Academics A-Z
Environment Academics A-Z

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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) Research Staff A-Z

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Suhad Almuktar

Project Coordinator
Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA). 
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Emma Beirns

Research Assistant
Identifying the genes responsible for sulfonamide degradation in Anaerobic Fluidised-bed Membrane Bio-Reactors (AFMBR) and any association to Direct Interspecies Electron Transfer (DIET)
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Stanislava Boscovic

Research Associate, PhD
Improvement of Public Health and Wellbeing in cities through the systematic implementation of new integrated, nature-based technologies.
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Eduardo Rico Carranza

Research Assistant
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Ben Howard

Research Associate, PhD
Water-related hazards, like flooding and water pollution, in cities in the global south, with a particular focus on enabling equitable and effective adaptation. 
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Leyang Liu

Research Associate, PhD
Resilience in Integrated Water Systems (RIWS)
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Liliane Manny

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) postdoc mobility fellow
Keywords: water governance, network analysis
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Laure Sione

Research Associate, PhD
Project: Pathways to Equitable Healthy Cities which aims to advance the science that underpins sustainable urban development and healthier lives. Funded by the UK Wellcome Trust
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Pepe Puchol-Salort

Hoffmann Research Associate in Water Innovation, PhD
Co-creation of innovation and entrepreneurship within the water sector, aiming to identify strategic roadmaps for transformation, ensuring the equitable, efficient, safe, and accessible adoption of novel technologies for all. 
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Thomas Rowan

Research Associate
Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA); Computational hydraulics; infiltration modelling; unsaturated soil mechanics; Hydraulic Ram Pumps
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Shamas Tabraiz

Research Associate, PhD
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Engaging Antibacterial Resistance in Anaerobic Treated Effluents (REGENERATE)
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Will Veness

Research Assistant
Innovation in water monitoring systems for flood and drought resilience
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Aly Joy Ulusoy

Research Associate, PhD
The implementation of optimization methods for the design-for-control of water distribution networks.
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Ziyan Zhang

Research Associate, PhD
Proposing a novel use of the integrated water system model to support the planning application process for new urban developments
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Environment Research Staff A-Z
Environment Academics A-Z

Administration contacts

 Sue Grimes Environmental Engineering MSc Course Director
Professor Sue Grimes

+44 (0)20 7594 5966

Adrian Butler Hydrology & Water Resources Management MSc Course Director
Professor Adrian Butler
+44 (0)207 594 6122
 Judith Barritt Cluster Administrator
Ms Judith Barritt
+44 (0)207 594 5967
Administration contacts for the EWRE cluster
Administration contacts