All the below templates are available to you in your Poppulo account. When you create a newsletter, you can browse templates in your 'Template Library'. The templates have been designed in line with the Imperial brand and are available in a variety of colour themes. 

For all templates, it is best to keep in place the default header with the Imperial logo in the top left. This makes it clear that your newsletter is an official College communication.

If you would like further guidance on using templates, please contact the Internal Communications Team.

Newsletter template

  • Recommended template for most email newsletters
  • The single column newsletter is designed to work on both mobile and desktop devices
  • Available in 9 colour themes
  • Use the "drag and drop” elements to build your desired newsletter layout

Single column newsletter template

Two column newsletter template

  • This is an alternative option for most email newsletters, but the single column newsletter is recommended
  • The two column layout is less mobile-friendly
  • Available in 9 colour themes
  • Use the "drag and drop” elements to build your desired newsletter layout

two column newsletter template

Tips for using the two column newsletter template

  • Please note that when you untick the ‘show title’ box and choose for a title not to be displayed, it will not appear in the ‘In this issue’ section

Unticking the 'show title' box

  • In this template, the anchoring system is slightly different. Any links within the ‘In this issue’ content type direct you to view the article on a microsite, rather than leading you down the page. They may also link directly to a URL you have inserted
  • When viewing the microsite, you may notice that the ‘In this issue’ content type remains on the left

in this issue content type shown on left

Simple newsletter

  • Recommended template for briefings or staff announcements when a more serious tone is suitable
  • Available in only 1 colour theme and not flexible for customisation
  • Designed to use most Poppulo "drag and drop components", but there are restrictions on the use of images
  • In this template, ensure all text formatting is in line with the design template by using the ‘remove formatting’ button
  • No image will appear in the articles even though the template calls it 'one column articles A - Image Left'

simple template example

Event type template

  • Recommended as a single subject email, such as an event invite
  • Available in 9 colour themes
  • Designed for a restricted set of "drag and drop” elements

Event flyer