Dr Christopher Butler
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Dementia Research and Consultant Neurologist, ICHT


04 October 2022

Overview on Clinical Approach to Dementia


Dr Paresh Malhotra
Professor in Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist, ICHT


11 October 2022

AD: clinical presentation


Dr Javier Alegre Abarratequi
Director of Neuropathology and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Neuropathology​, Imperial College London


18 October 2022

AD: pathology


Dr Anastassia Gontsarova
Consultant Neuroradiologist, ICHT


08 November 2022

AD: imaging


Dr Rimona Weil
Clinical Scientist, Wellcome
Honorary Consultant Neurologist, NHNN


22 November 2022

DLB: clinical presentation


Dr Yen Tai
Consultant Neurologist, ICHT
Honourary Senior Clinical Lecturer,​ Imperial College London


29 November 2022

PD: clinical presentation


Professor Stephen Gentleman
Professor of Neuropathology, Imperial College London


06 December 2022

PD/DLB: pathology