Previous IAB Members

  1. Dr Kedar Pandaya, Director, Cross-Council Programmes, UKRI. He is responsible to develop exciting Cross-Council opportunities in emerging technology
  2. Govind Balakrishnan, CEO Curio. Curio is an intelligent audio app that curates the best of journalism for busy people on the go
  3. Dr Tan, PepsiCo R&D External Innovation Senior Principal Tech Scout, focuses on building partner networks for the PEP Wellness & Health Management
  4. Dan O Boyle, Director of Operations; Fraser Dunn, Technical Director - Aston Martin
  5. Marco Rocchetto, Technical Lead; Product Innovations - Konica-Minolta
  6. Joel Obstfeld, Chief Architects Office Engineer - Cisco
  7. Ian Forrester, Senior Producer - BBC Research & Development
  8. Abigail Sellen, Principal Researcher and Deputy Director - Microsoft Research Cambridge
  9. Nathalie Martin, Senior Scientist and Head of Behaviour and Perception - Nestle
  10. Christian Saclier, Global Head of Design - Nestle
  11. Roy Burek, CEO - Charles Owen
  12. Mike Ashmid, CEO - Cellbond
  13. Phil Martin, Senior Researcher - Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)
  14. Dr Rajab Said, Academic and R&D Collaboration Manager - ESI Group
  15. Dr Yijiang Wu, Business Innovation Leader - Cisco
  16. Bobby Zaman, Operation Manager - Cisco
  17. Nick Chrissos, Director of Innovation (Europe) - Cisco
  18. Graham Brett, MD - Therefore Design
  19. Joe White and Wendy Tan White
  20. Glen Robinson and Peter Schwabach - Shield Investment Management
  21. Alex van Someren - Amadeus Capital
  22. Charlotte Heard and Alex Bone - Mettle
  23. Alexander Sheen - Boeing
  24. Stephen Knowles, MD - IDC
  25. Jamie Bates, Global Design Excellence Leader - Unilever
  26. Mark Delaney, Head of Huawei London Design Studio - Huawei