Please also see our Applicant Information and FAQ.

All applications for the MEng in Design Engineering must be made solely through UCAS, and we are unable to accept any additional personal statements alongside these applications. We welcome applications from candidates across a wide variety of academic backgrounds, including sciences and arts qualifications, provided a high level in mathematics (A* at A-Level or equivalent) is achieved.

UCAS personal statements will be assessed for evidence that applicants have an aptitude and interest in developing both their fundamental design engineering and creativity skills and in applying these skills in combination to generate new products, systems or services through their projects. Previous coursework, academic studies, personal projects, and work experience may all be relevant, depending upon the applicant. Selected applicants will be invited to an online interview, running November to February.


Interview Format

Each candidate shall complete a 25 minute online interview during which their interest and aptitude will be assessed via a range of questions and problems hosted by a member of the School's academic staff. Candidates are encouraged to present examples of their work during the interview; however, only two minutes will be allotted to this so careful selection is advised. When considering the selection of work to present, we would suggest candidates consider how such work adapts to the online medium, and to select examples accordingly.