Module Leaders

Dr Talya Porat

Dr Stephen Green

This module provides an introduction to design engineering in three significant areas: 1) the evolving global and professional contexts for design engineering, 2) the foundational mindsets, methodologies and methods for creatively tackling design engineering issues and 3) the focused opportunity to apply and develop core practical and intellectual skills. Contextual understanding will be enhanced by a number of guest lectures from industry-leading practitioners of design engineering. Skills are developed through practical tutorial activities and through application in a series of short design engineering projects. Students start to develop their own critical analysis of contemporary contexts through a self initiated study on ethical, environmental and social elements in a design engineering topic of choice.               


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be better able to:
  • Understand the scope of design engineering, contexts for application, related mindsets and methodologies
  •  Apply a range of design engineering methods within foundational design engineering projects
  • Demonstrate developing ability in using design drawing and 2D graphic design software in design project activity
  •  Write critiques that take multiple perspectives (eg ethical) relating to context in design engineering
  •  Deliver engaging presentations with confidence that are appropriate for the subject, intention and audience.


Description of Content

Design engineering context:
  Social, technological, environmental, economic, political and value drivers
  Professional pathways
  History of the profession
Methodologies and mindsets:
  Feasibility, Validity, Desirability
  Double Diamond Methodology
  Information visualisation
  Emotional Design
Design engineering tools:
  Task analysis
  Design briefs
  Performance matrices
Design Communication:
  Design sketching
  2D Graphics
  Writing conventions
  Oral presentations
   Literature review
   Professional bodies and membership