Module Leader

Olga Kravchenko

Dr Stephen Green

The AID elective module provides the opportunity to further develop industrial design skills and knowledge to a high professional level alongside gaining understanding of significant emerging themes and methodologies within the field. At this level industrial design takes a product service systems perspective and incorporates development of CAD skills needed for advanced approaches such as generative design, but also in virtual prototyping and visualisation.  Students work on individual projects culminating in high quality visualisation of concepts which will be important content of professional portfolios and may be entered into international design competitions such as the RSA student design awards.                    

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be better able to:

  •   Demonstrate an advanced understanding of emerging themes and methodologies in Industrial Design
  •   Apply advanced industrial design process tools to development of a physical touchpoint of a product service system (PSS)
  •   Create ID concepts in response to contextual opportunities within PSS approaches  
  •   Create communication materials incorporating physical lo-fi prototyping and advanced CAD visualisation techniques        


Description of Content

ID Approaches:
 Speculative Design
 Bio-Inspired Design
 Brand strategy
 Generative Design
 Contextual Design
ID Methods:
 Detail Design
 Semiotics and visual language
 CMF (Colour, materials, finishes)
 Trend forecasting
 Advanced CAD visualisation
 Advanced lo-fi prototyping
ID Communication:
 Narrative and storytelling
 Communication hierarchies