Module Leaders

Dr Lorenzo Picinali

The Master’s Project represents the culmination of the four year design engineering journey.  Students have a high degree of choice of project topic based on outline briefs defined by an academic, an industry partner or the student themselves. This allows for specialism building on evolving interests, placement work and pattern of elective choices. Likewise the project deliverables and assessments allow for a very wide range of project types from theoretical research to projects with significant iterative physical prototyping. This reflects the wide potential of design engineering spanning; enterprise, design, physical and digital engineering subjects.               

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be better able to:

  •   Manage a significant design engineering project which includes high levels of complexity and uncertainty
  •   Analyse and define original insights from research into complex scenarios for design engineering
  •   Create an original resolved response to complex challenges by applying a comprehensive set of design engineering tools and methods.
  •   Evaluate systems that are complex or ambiguous with appropriate design engineering methods and approaches, assessing their potential social, environmental, technological and economic impact.
  •   Reflect critically on their own project work in the context of well selected benchmarks and a growth mindset
  •   Synthesise design engineering project outcomes in a range of effective communications materials           


Description of Content

Project and Assessment briefings:
  Planning report
  Research ethics
  Literature review
  Testing and validation
  Project documentation
  Progress report
  Final report