There are two routes to the Observatory Building Teaching Space, marked in red and green on the map below.  For the Office you must take the Red Route.

Where possible, we would be grateful if you could take the more direct, red route.

Please note, both routes require DesEng Staff or Student access, so make sure you have your ID Card with you.

Google map to building

Observatory Building photo

Red Route (Teaching Space and Office)

  1. From Imperial College Road take the side road with the zebra crossing on it (opposite Skempton Building).
  2. Follow the road as it turns left and slopes down towards the black fire escape on the exterior of the Observatory Building.

For the Teaching Space:

  1. Take the stairs to the black door on the first landing (DesEng Student or Staff card access needed) 
  2. Once through the door, turn right then immediately left.
  3. Enter the Observatory Building teaching space through the brown double doors in front of you (card access).

For the Offices:

  1. Take the stairs to the black door on the second landing (DesEng Staff card access needed)
  2. Once through the doors, the office doors are immediately on your right (DesEng Staff card access needed)

Red Route video

picture of obs fire escape


Green Route (Teaching Space only)

  1. Enter via the RCS Whitely Suite entrance opposite the Skempton Building 
  2. Take the flight of stairs immediately in front of you and turn left through the blue doors
  3. Follow the corridor as far as you can, (if you follow signs to the Whitely Suite, you’re heading in the right direction)
  4. Enter the Observatory Building through the brown double doors (DesEng Staff or Student card access needed).

Green Route Video