When you are approaching the 36 month mark (72 for PT) you will be asked by the Senior PG Administrator to confirm your intentions for the final stage of the PhD. 

A progress review will be conducted with your supervisor, and, providing all experimental work and collection of material relating to your thesis is complete, you will be able to enter the writing up period. Students in the writing up stage will no longer be required to pay tuition fees. 

This period is capped at a maximum of twelve months in duration for full-time students, and twenty-four months for part-time students. At the end of the writing up stage, you are required to submit your thesis. If you go over the maximum duration, you will be required to submit a Thesis Extension Request.    

A student who still has experimental or data collection work to perform at this stage cannot move in to writing up status. Students in this position will have their active research period extended and will be liable for full fees for the additional period. An extension to the active research period will not result in an extension to the thesis submission deadline; in such cases, the writing up allowance will be reduced. 

You can read the full writing-up policy by downloading the PDF available on the right hand side of this page. 

Submitting the Writing-Up Form

You can download the Writing-Up form on the right hand side of this page. This needs to be completed by yourself and your supervisor, before being signed off by the Director of Postgraduate Studies. The Senior Postgraduate Administrator will then process with Assessment Records.