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Safeguarding is the action taken to promote the welfare of children under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults and protect them from harm.

The College is committed to providing a safe environment for all students, staff and visitors who access our facilities and services. We recognise our responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults who are involved in the wide scope of our activities. This includes those registered as students, those using our accommodation, sports facilities, disability advisory and counselling services, Early Years Education Centre, those involved in outreach activities, and those attending events on College premises.

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Key documents

You can find information about the College’s current arrangements for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults as follows:

Safeguarding Committee

In recognition of the wide scope of activities the College is engaged in which involve contact with children and vulnerable adults, the Director of HR and Organisational Change commissioned Farrer & Co to undertake a strategic review of the College’s safeguarding arrangements and identify areas for improvement.

As a result, the College has set up a Safeguarding Committee, chaired by the Director of HR and Organisational Change and consisting of representatives from across College who have lead responsibility for activities involving under 18s or vulnerable adults. The committee will meet on a termly basis to:

  1. Agree protocols and procedures that reflect a best practice approach to safeguarding
  2. Ensure clear accountability and training for those with responsibility for safeguarding
  3. Share learning and casework developments to improve awareness and compliance

Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday 5 August 2020
  • Wednesday 4 November 2020

Further information will be published as it becomes available.  For general questions please contact Louise Lindsay, Director of Safeguarding and College Projects at

An annual report will be made to Provost's Board on the Committee's activities and actions.


NameJob Title
Louise Lindsay (Chair) Director of Safeguarding and College Projects
Shola Alabi Strategic HR Partner
Annalisa Alexander Head of Outreach
David Ashton Academic Registrar
Melanie Bottrill Scientific Programmes Manager, Student Recruitment and Outreach
Terry Branch Head of Security
Vicky Brightman Public Engagement Manager
Pippa Chalmers Head of Compliance
Katie Coupar-Evans Head of Advancement Events
Benita Cox Principle Teaching Fellow, Business School
Lorraine Craig Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Engineering
Liz-Anne Des Vignes Early Years Deputy Manager/Section Manager, Early Years Education Centre
Thomas Flynn Managing Director of Student Union
Claire Fox Acting Head of Disability Advisory Service
Tracy Halsey Head of Early Years Education Centre
William Hollyer Head of Sport
Surrinder Johal Director of Safety
Angela Kehoe Strategic HR Partner, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Ann Kelly Head of Employee Relations
Alice Kendle Farrers & Co representitive
Sue Mannion Student Hub Manager, Campus Services
David Mooney Student Counselling
Lara Mistry Public Engagement Programme Manager
Jane Neary Director of Campus Services
John Neilson College Secretary
Elizabeth Nixon Internal Communications Manager
Paul Noke Head of Residential Services and Support Operations
Claire' O'Brien Director of Occupational Health
Debra Ogden Action Director of Student Services
Priya Pallan Community Engagement Manager (White City)
Maryam Philpott Research Support Manager (Process Development)
Philip Power Head of Education and Student Experience Strategy, Faculty of Engineering
Zoe Punaks Director of Advancement Operations and Administration
Iain Reid Sport Imperial Commercial Manager
Fiona Richmond Lead Organisational Development Consultant
Nick Roalfe Director of Estates Operation
John Seddon Professor of Chemical Physics, Chemistry
Lucy Spasova-Joneja Business Development Manager
Andrew Tebbutt Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach
Jon Tucker Faculty Operating Officer, Faculty of Medicine
Jeffrey Vernon Principle Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Medicine Centre
Kim Vieira-Martins Conferencing and Events Sales Manager
Chris Watkins Faculty Operating Officer, Faculty of Medicine
Claire Whelan Global Summer School Development Manager
Suzanne Woodcock Staff DBS Manager
Sheena Cardoso (Secretary) EDI Centre Coordinator
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