SAUL data breach

The College has been notified that the Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL), one of ICL’s pension schemes, has reported a data breach following a cyber incident at MoveIt which are one of their suppliers. The breach has been reported to the ICO, the National Crime Agency and the Pensions Regulator with investigations ongoing.

If you are or have been a member of SAUL Pension Scheme and you are affected by the breach then you will be contacted by SAUL directly to;

  • provide details of the incident
  • outline the steps SAUL are taking to mitigate any possible adverse effects, including offering credit monitoring services which will be paid for by SAUL, and
  • provide a contact point at SAUL Trustee Company should you have any questions.

At this time the College has not been made aware of specific data types affected which will be confirmed by SAUL to affected parties directly, however, if you receive any communications asking for your immediate response or using details known only to you then remember to confirm the sender carefully, either by checking their email address or calling them using an official contact number for the organisation. If you have any doubts about a communication then visit the associated website/service directly, but do not click links in the emails to get there.

For more guidance on what to look out for and what to do please see the following;

If you have concerns about anything relating to NI or HMRC information you can always contact HMRC directly on 0300 200 3500 or via  HMRC online services - GOV.UK

If you have any questions or need to be re-sent the message, SAUL advise that you contact them at the following email address:

If you have further concerns please contact The HR Staff Hub