These FAQs have been drawn up to address the most common questions put to the HR teams by new managers and supervisors.  If your question is not answered within these FAQs, please seek the advice of your local HR representative.

Issues are often compounded by them not being addressed at the earliest opportunity. So managers and supervisors are recommended to seek HR advice at an early stage where necessary and raise concerns with the staff members involved as soon as is practicable. 

You may also wish to view our employee assistance provider’s Confidential Care manager-specific online support.  Log in details are required to access information.


Annual leave

  • A member of staff is leaving partway through the leave year and has annual leave outstanding, do they have to take it?

When staff leave employment, their holiday leave entitlement is calculated on a pro-rata basis, at the rate of one-twelfth of the annual entitlement each month. You should confirm the amount of any outstanding leave to the member of staff; this is calculated by deducting the number of days already taken (based on the member of staff’s annual leave record form) from their pro-rata holiday entitlement. A holiday and mandatory leave calculator is available on the HR website for your use.
Staff should take any outstanding leave during their notice period. Exceptionally, where operational circumstances prevent leave from being taken, staff will receive pay in lieu; payment will be subject to PAYE and NI deductions. Research funded staff will be required to take outstanding leave before the end of their contract.

  • How do I calculate annual leave for a member of staff who works part-time?

The HR website’s annual leave pages provide full details for calculating both holiday and mandatory leave. An annual leave record form is available from the HR forms webpage to record leave taken.

  • How do I calculate annual leave for a new starter who commences employment part way through the College Leave year?

Full details for calculating both holiday and mandatory leave are set out on the annual leave pages of the HR website.

  • Member of staff is leaving, and they have taken leave in excess of their entitlement. What should I do?

If staff have exceeded their entitlement, the College will deduct an equivalent number of days’ pay from any payment due at the end of employment or will otherwise seek to recover the money owed after employment has ended. You will be asked to confirm the amount of any outstanding leave to be paid or the amount of leave to be recovered for their member of staff on termination.

  • How is annual leave calculated during maternity leave?

Full details of this, along with a worked example, are available on the College’s HR annual leave web pages.

  • A member of staff, who is on sick leave, has requested annual leave, are they entitled to this?

Yes. If a member of staff requests annual leave whilst covered by a fit note and you approve their request, you are required to inform your local HR representative, who in turn will inform Payroll of the exact period the member of staff is to receive holiday pay.
You can find full details on the HR sickness absence web pages.

Eligibility to work in the UK

Where can I find information on employment EEA/Non-EEA nationals?

The HR immigration web pages provide comprehensive details on this.

Email accounts

How do I arrange for an email account to be set up?

New members of staff will have email accounts automatically set up for them once their details have been entered into the HR system (ICIS). Therefore, you need to take no action in this respect.

Should you need to set up email accounts for non-staff members, such as agency workers, visitors or consultants, who are collectively recognised by the ICT system as Contingent Workers, you should consult the ICT website and follow the instructions given.  Please view the ICT User Registration web page to set up email accounts for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) students.

Fixed term contracts

I have a member of staff on a fixed-term contract/external funding. What procedure do I need to follow when their contract is due to end?

Full guidance on this can be found on the HR website, under Support for managers.

Please consult your HR Adviser before taking any action.

Flexible working requests

A member of staff has requested flexible working conditions, what action should I take into consideration of this?

The Flexible Working Policy [pdf] sets out the routes for both informal and formal applications, along with the procedure you should follow. A procedural flowchart is also available for reference when a formal application is made.

Maternity leave

I have received notification from a member of staff that she intends to take maternity leave. What action do I need to take?

The Maternity policy [pdf] and Maternity leave flow chart [pdf] set out the action you need to take in this instance. You will also need to carry out a risk assessment for pregnant employees in the workplace. The Safety Department can advise on this.

New starters

How will my new member of staff’s email account be set up?

This is an automatic process once the new starter’s details are entered into the HR system (ICIS).

Where can I find information on managing a member of staff’s probation period?

Except for Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Readers and Professors, the "New Staff - Guidance for managers" web pages will guide you through the procedure to be followed. 

How do I induct a new member of staff into the College?

The HR website provides guidance on planning and carrying out a College induction, including setting out your role in ensuring that the induction meets certain requirements, which in turn means that every new member of staff has a strong start in their new role and feels part of their new team as soon as possible.

People management

The member of staff I am managing is making lots of errors in their work. How do I go about addressing the situation?

This will depend on what you have done to support the employee or raise the issue with them. It is expected and understood that managers would regularly meet with their staff to discuss work issues and offer advice on work-related matters to avoid issues. 

Where there are concerns about a member of staff’s performance or conduct that warrants closer consideration (except for alleged serious or gross misconduct), you should informally discuss this with the member of staff, identify any training/development needs and make reasonable attempts to resolve any problems informally. You should also give reasonable time for improvement where relevant. Ideally, you will address/pre-empt issues before they escalate. 

I’m not satisfied with a member of staff’s performance and want to take it further, how do I go about this?

You should discuss the issue with your local HR Adviser to agree on a way forward.

If it is agreed that managers should instigate formal proceedings about the poor performance, an investigation will take place. Where it is found that there is a case to answer, there will be a formal hearing process with potential disciplinary sanctions.

HR will support you, including case-specific guidance, throughout the case.

The Disciplinary Policy and Procedure [pdf] sets out the formal procedure for poor performance matters.

PRDP (Appraisal)

Where can I find more information on carrying out PRDPs/appraisals and the necessary forms?

These are available on the PRDP pages of the College website.


I have funding approval to recruit a new member of staff. What procedure should I follow?

As a first step, a Request to Recruit and Advertise with Funding Approval form must be completed, with all required information and authorisations. You should then forward this form to your local HR team. Our Recruitment and Selection web pages set out the process for recruiting and advertising externally with funding approval.

Can I recruit without advertising?

All posts (except those of six months' duration or less) must be advertised and placed on the College Employment website for a minimum of two weeks. Posts within the Professional, Technical and Operational Services and Learning and Teaching job families, funded or part-funded by general College funds, should ideally be advertised internally only for a two week period, before advertising externally. If you wish to deviate from this process, please discuss your reasons with your local HR representative.

Please note that HR keeps a redeployment register, consisting of a list of staff at risk of redundancy. These staff must first be considered for vacant posts. 

Targeted advertising to particular grades may also take place if the role is a development/promotional opportunity for our internal staff (your HR representative can advise if a vacancy falls into this category).

When recruiting staff, what are my responsibilities in relation to checking whether a candidate is eligible to work in the UK?

Our recruiter's guidance on appointing migrant workers and our managers' guidance on conducting right to work checks provide further information on your responsibilities in this area.
Please contact your HR representative for specific advice.


I have received a reference request. I would like some guidance on how to respond.

Guidance on responding to reference requests is available on the HR website.