‌‌‌The DoLS Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee ...

  • Promotes equality and diversity, taking action to address inequalities for the benefit all staff and students
  • Monitors and evaluates policies and procedures for improving working practices and for changing culture within DoLS
  • Leads on the application for the Athena Swan award. The department currently holds a bronze award

Equality, diversity and inclusion are matters for all staff and students in the department. We would encourage anyone who wishes to raise issues for the committee to get in touch with one of our members (listed below – click on the name for contact details).

Alternatively, please make suggestions for action (anonymously, if you prefer), via our online suggestion box

Committee Members

Josh Hodge (Chair)

Arkhat Abzhanov – Academic staff Silwood representative
James Andrewes – Professional staff representative
Alice Banks – PostDoc representative
Laurence Bugeon – Research Fellows representative
Alessia David – Academic staff South Kensington
Nadia Guerra – Academic staff South Kensington
Allison Hunter – Technical staff representative
Cathy Mansfield – Teaching Fellows representative
Geetika Masters – EA to HoD
Ruben Perez-Carrasco - Academic staff South Kensington
Julia Schroeder – Academic staff Silwood representative
Ceire Wincott – PhD student representative
HR representative (TBC)

Terms of Reference 2021