Courses offered

Degree Programmes are either single Honours or joint Honours types. Single Honours programmes are Bachelor of Science (BSc). Joint Honours programmes are also BSc and are given in conjunction with the Business School.

Our individual degree programmes are either 3 or 4 years in duration:

Three Year Courses
UCAS codeProgramme Specifications**
C700 BSc Biochemistry
C7N2 BSc Biochemistry with Management‌‌
J700 BSc Biotechnology‌‌‌
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Four Year Courses
UCAS codeProgramme Specifications**
C7NG ‌BSc Biochemistry with Management (4 Year)
C701 BSc Biochemistry with a Year in Industry/Research
C702 ‌‌‌‌BSc Biochemistry with a Year Abroad
J7N2 BSc Biotechnology with Management‌
J701 ‌BSc Biotechnology with Research Abroad‌
J702 BSc Biotechnology with a Year in Industry/Research‌
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Language for Science courses
UCAS codeProgramme Specifications**
C7R1 BSc Biochemistry with French for Science
C7R2 BSc Biochemistry with German for Science
C7R4 BSc Biochemistry with Spanish for Science
J7R1 BSc Biotechnology with French for Science
J7R2 BSc Biotechnology with German for Science
J7R4 BSc Biotechnology with Spanish for Science
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Language Options

  • Language for science courses supplement biochemistry elements of the programme for students registered on a combined degree in Biochemistry with a Language for Science (C7R1, C7R2, C7R4) and Biotechnology with a Language for Science (J7R1, J7R2, J7R4)
  • Language classes in French, German, Spanish and Italian are available for students registered on Research Abroad courses (C702, J701)

The language courses are offered by the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

**Programme Specifications

The UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) require us to provide 'Programme Specifications' for our Degree courses. These comply with the QAA Subject Benchmark Statement for Biosciences which sets out expectations about standards of degrees in Biochemistry. The statement describes what gives Biochemistry its coherence and identity, and defines what can be expected of a graduate in terms of the abilities and skills needed to develop understanding or competence in the subject.

The Scheme for Award of Honours

For our Scheme for Award of Honours please follow this link: Scheme for the Award of Honours ‌

Competence standards

Download our Competence Standards ‌for all our programmes.


Timetables, the Scheme for the Award of Honours, tutorial groups and other course related documents can be accessed on Blackboard