Education Office

The Education Office is the first point of contact for all student and teaching related queries for the Department of Life Sciences. We are responsible for the administration and smooth running of all teaching within the Department, both undergraduate and postgraduate, including timetabling, examinations and welfare. We have daily contact with students, academic staff, other Departments and prospective students. We have responsibility for all aspects of the student life cycle from admissions through to graduation.

The Education Office is situated on Level 2 of the Sir Ernst Chain Building. The office is open Monday – Friday from 9.15am - 5.15pm.

A range of support services available to students; see the Student Support Zone for detailed information on these. 

Education office staff

James Andrewes: Education Office Manager


Amelia Barron: Undergraduate Liaison Officer


Steve Connolly: Undergraduate Education Coordinator


Spencer Cockerell: Biochemistry/Biotechnology Undergraduate Administrator


Jerzy Snelling van Buren: Biological Sciences Undergraduate Administrator


Rebecca Lewis: Life Sciences Admissions Administrator


Linda Giorgi: Student Support/Disabilities Coordinator


Anna Diop: Examinations Administrator


James Ferguson: Postgraduate Research and Doctoral Training Administrator


Lucy Barron: Postgraduate Administrator


Sally Dennison: Postgraduate Administrator


Clara Bradberry: Postgraduate Administrator (Silwood Park)



Professor Huw Williams:  Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Colin Turnbull: Exam Board Co-chair (Biochemistry)

Professor Martin Bidartondo: Exam Board Co-chair (Biological Sciences)

Professor Stuart Haslam: Senior Tutor (Biochemistry)

Professor Stephen Brickley: Senior Tutor (Biological Sciences)

Dr Anita Hall:  Deputy Senior Tutor, Biochemistry Year 2 Convenor

Dr Magda Charalambous: Deputy Senior Tutor,  Biological Sciences Year 2 Convenor

Dr Ste Cook: Biological Sciences Year 1 Convenor

Dr Catherine Mansfield: Biochemistry Year 1 Convenor

Professor Peter Nixon: Final Year Project Coordinator

Dr Laurence Bugeon: Placement Coordinator, Biological Sciences

Dr Dave Hartley: Year Abroad Coordinator, Placement Coordinator Biochemistry

Amelia Barron: UG Liaison Officer


Professor Hugh Brady: Admissions Tutor Biological Sciences degrees

Professor Patrik Jones: Admissions Tutor Biochemistry degrees

Rebecca Lewis: Life Sciences Admissions Administrator


The UG Teaching Committee meets six times a year and oversees operational and strategic aspects of undergrdaute education in Life Sciences.

  1. Professor Huw Williams Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  2. James Andrewes (Education Office Manager)
  3. Amelia Barron (UG Liaison Officer)
  4. Professor Hugh Brady (Admissions Tutor)
  5. Professor Martin Bidartondo (Exam board Chair, Biological Sciences)
  6. Professor Stephen Brickley (Senior Tutor, Biological Sciences)
  7. Dr Lauren Cator (Silwood representative)
  8. Dr Magda Charalambous (Deputy Senior Tutor, Year 2 Convenor Biological Sciences)
  9. Dr Steve Connolly (UG Education Coordinator Peter Nixon (FYP coordinator)
  10. Dr Ste Cook (Year 1 Convenor Biological Sciences)
  11. Dr Anita Hall (Deputy Senior Tutor, Year 2 Convenor Biochemistry)
  12. Professor Stuart Haslam (Senior Tutor, Biochemistry)
  13. Dr Derek Huntley (DoLS Digital Champion)
  14. Dr Catherine Mansfield (Year 1 Convenor Biochemistry)
  15. Lola Nezianya (DoLS Ed Tech representative)
  16. Professor Peter Nixon (Final year project coordinator)
  17. Professor Joe Tobias (Silwood representative)
  18. Professor Colin Turnbull (Exam Board Chair, Biochemistry)
  19. Student Representatives