As an alumnus of life sciences at Imperial, my journey was nothing short of transformative. The rigorous curriculum and passionate faculty inspired my love for scientific inquiry. The research opportunities provided a hands-on learning experience that was invaluable to my growth as a scientist.
Engaging in extracurricular activities, such as joining student-led research projects and clubs, not only enriched my academic experience but also fostered lifelong friendships and networks. Today, I am proud of my affiliation with Imperial, continuing to apply the skills and knowledge I gained there.


The undergraduate program provided me with a good foundational understanding of biochemistry that has assisted me in my further studies. Each year’s courses progressively improved my abilities as a student, from scientific writing to independently completing literature reviews of specific topics. I particularly enjoyed the practical opportunities, specifically spending a year abroad working in an academic lab, as well as the final year project. I appreciate the fact there was still enough time for me to engage in my non-academic interests - being able to frequently boulder or play football.

"I really enjoyed my time as a DoLS student in Biological Sciences. I have made friendships that endured beyond my degree, and picked up valuable skills through the degree itself as well as extracurricular activities outside of it!" Hansa, Biological Sciences student
"The practicality and interdisciplinary nature of my course have made it truly enjoyable and outstanding. The hands-on summer term projects have allowed me to apply classroom knowledge to real lab situations, managing everything myself from experimental design to result analysis. Beyond biochemistry, the course offers coding in R and Python, as well as statistics, incorporating valuable skills that enhance students’ employability in broader scientific fields." Ruchipat Kumpusiri, BSc Biochemistry with Management, Year 3
“My particular favourite part of the course was the emphasis on practical work, which allowed me to successfully apply for summer research internships. By far the most useful aspect was the focus on statistical analysis and coding - two skills that I use to this day in my everyday academic research. I also really enjoyed the Imperial Horizons program through which I learned both French and Japanese. Language lessons helped me balance the very STEM-heavy coursework. I was excited to put my French into practice when doing a Research Abroad year in France, where I met friends for life and became a better researcher through that. I am still good friends with the lab that mentored my final year project and I even collaborated with them during my graduate studies! Dr. Liisa Veerus, D.Phil, BSc in Biology with Research Abroad (France), 2013-16