Message from the Head of Department - Prof Axel Gandy


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London, a modern Maths Department! As part of one of the world's most prestigious universities, our department has established itself as a leader on the global stage, consistently ranking among the very best.

While we function as a unified department, we are organised in four Sections:

Pure Mathematics

Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics


 Mathematical Finance.

We pride ourselves on nurturing a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive culture. Staff and students at all levels are encouraged to realize their full potential, and your growth is our success.



With about 100 academic staff members, our community thrives on collaboration and intellectual curiosity. Our size allows us to:

  • Lead the world in ground-breaking contributions across Mathematics and Statistics
  • Innovate by identifying ways Mathematics can revolutionize science, economy, and society
  • Create lasting solutions to complex mathematical problems through the development and application of novel tools

Join us in our commitment to excellence through numerous international initiatives such as the CNRS-Imperial de Moivre Research Laboratory and the Imperial-TU Munich Mathematical Sciences Hub.

Are you seeking a career in research or industry? Our doors are open! There is an immense demand for highly qualified mathematicians and statisticians, and we have a wide array of programs to meet that need. Explore our:

Your passion for mathematics and statistics will find a home with us. Join the Imperial College London's Department of Mathematics and become part of a community that thrives on creativity, exploration, and ambition. Let's shape the future together!

Our History

Robert Hunt - Father of the Department

Robert Willis - Lecturer in Applied Mechanics 1853-1868

Thomas Minchin Goodeve - First Professor 1869-1894

John Perry Professor 1896-1913

Andrew Russell Forsyth - Chief Professor 1913-1923

Forsyth and Staff, 1913

Forsyth and Staff, 1913 - Seated: Wrigley, Forsyth, Richardson, Sillick
Forsyth and Staff, 1913 - Seated: Wrigley, Forsyth, Richardson, Sillick

Alfred North Whitehead - Chief Professor 1923-1924

Sydney Chapman

Find out more about the Chapman Fellowships

Autocode and The Imperial College Computing Engine

One of the first high-level programming languages, Autocode, was invented at Imperial.

See also: The Imperial College Computing Engine