Message from the Head of Department - Prof David van Dyk

The Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London is an internationally renowned department within one of the world's most prestigious universities. With its own excellent library facilities, substantial computing power, central IT advisory service and outstanding level of teaching and research, our principal aim is to train professional mathematicians and statisticians to pursue the study of scientific and technological problems busing mathematical methods, and to undertake research in various branches of the subject.

There is great demand, both in research and in industry, for well-trained, highly qualified mathematicians and statisticians. Our teaching and research programmes adapt and develop to meet this, aiming to give our students the skills they need to pursue the career of their choice.

The undergraduate teaching programme incorporates a number of three and four year degrees, as well as the Mathematics part of three joint degrees in Mathematics and Computing. A further important function is to provide instruction in Mathematics for students who require it as ancillary to courses of study in other departments of the college.

The MSc courses, in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Finance, and Statistics, and the MRes in Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance allow students to continue and develop their studies. We also host an extensive PhD programme for those wishing to further their careers in both industry and academic research. Full details can be found on the postgraduate prospectus.

The Department acts as a unified whole in most respects, but for administrative convenience is organised into Sections with distinctive research directions: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Statistics, and Mathematical Finance.

Our History

Robert Hunt - Father of the Department

Robert Willis - Lecturer in Applied Mechanics 1853-1868

Thomas Minchin Goodeve - First Professor 1869-1894

John Perry Professor 1896-1913

Andrew Russell Forsyth - Chief Professor 1913-1923

Forsyth and Staff, 1913

Forsyth and Staff, 1913 - Seated: Wrigley, Forsyth, Richardson, Sillick
Forsyth and Staff, 1913 - Seated: Wrigley, Forsyth, Richardson, Sillick

Alfred North Whitehead - Chief Professor 1923-1924

Sydney Chapman

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Autocode and The Imperial College Computing Engine